We believe in the Power of Angels!

to bring joy…to comfort...to inspire…to heal.

How do you express your love to someone who lives far away from you? How do you show them you care? Or, they are hurting and you are at a loss for words? Or, you know in your heart that a touch, a hug, your presence at their side would mean the world to them…would help them feel connected…would lift them up again and again? 

We suggest you give them an Angel.

Our 100% silk Embrace the Angel pieces are created with love. They provide a human touch and a sense of caring. With uplifting Angel quotes on either end, those you care about will find peace and purpose.

And, your Angel will keep on giving. 

In addition to bringing joy, hope, and inspiration to the world, our “Be an Angel, Comfort an Angel” global initiative allows us to donate one Embrace the Angel silk scarf, necktie, or pillow cover to a grieving mother, father, or critically ill child for every one purchased. It’s our way of giving back…of reaching out...of elevating others.

We do this with the help of our Angel Partners and you! 

Our sister company, Tobias & Co. LLC, partners with hospices, hospitals, organizations, and churches—whose mission is to care for and comfort those who are directly impacted by the illness or death of a loved one.  These divine Angel Partners deliver our Embrace the Angel silk pieces into the lives of those who need it most.

Children’s Hospice International is one of our Angel Partners. Founded in 1983 by Ann Armstrong-Dailey, their mission aligns with our own:

“CHI’s ultimate goal is to so ingrain hospice/palliative care into pediatrics that it isn’t considered a separate speciality, rather, an integral part of health care for children and adolescents.”

To learn more about us and become an Angel Advocate or Angel Partner, please visit our “Be an Angel, Comfort an Angel” page.

“Be an Angel, Comfort an Angel”

BERNIE SIEGEL, MD, Amber’s doctor and author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles, A Book of Miracles, and more, knows the power of Angels! He invites you to participate in our global initiative to bring love and hope to those in need…to elevate their time here on earth. (Read more…) 

To purchase a scarf for those you love and for those who LOVE Angels, please visit

Tobias & Co. LLC

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What people are saying about the book, Embrace the Angel:

ELISABETH KUBLER-ROSS, author of On Death and Dying and many others: "I just discovered Embrace the Angel... I read it through and through all over again.  It's very beautiful and very touching, especially her dreams and her courage and wisdom.  You need to share this with the world—for Amber and Chad and all the many parents who need to know."

SAMUEL EPSTEIN, MD, author of The Politics of Cancer and professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago: "This was very touching and moving... a grave human tragedy."

PAULA D'ARCY, author of Song for Sarah: "I was deeply moved by Embrace the Angel.  It is brave and courageous and frighteningly real... a strong, strong story.  Patti captured Amber's little spirit and really made it live."

GLENN A. NOYES: "To everyone I say: 'If you think you love your children now, wait until you've read Embrace the Angel.  This book will make you tuck your children in bed a little tighter and give them that extra kiss each night'."

SARAH TOTUSHEK, Hospice of the Chesapeake: “ This story is compelling!  Patti has the gift of bringing one right into her life—the pain, the joy, the horror, the hope is all there... those whom it reaches will never be the same after reading it.  She has opened the door... and made enough inroads already to guarantee that those who need Amber's gift, will find her.

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