"I Walk Through Your Dreams"

This is a compilation of Amber's life. The producers at WBAL-TV in Baltimore put this together, as a gift for me, from the 8mm movies I gave them for a news story about me and the first edition of "Embrace the Angel" in 1996. The music is from The Candyskins' "The Submarine Song."

Channel 3 News Oct 1980

Many people around the world followed Amber's journey closely.  For me, watching Amber die was beyond words… beyond the realm of understanding the fact that cancer was eating my little girl alive.  Bernie Siegel, Amber's surgeon, helped us to help her "cross over the threshold" between life and death.  As a result, her dying… her death was inspiring and miraculous both then and now.

Channel 30 New Haven, CT

More important than my privacy, I wanted people to understand what cancer was about, bring attention to the people, especially the children who are dying from it, and plead with the world to come together and explore ALL cancer therapies—without regard for boundaries or borders, politics or apathy, financial gain or loss.

"Issues 84" New Haven, CT

I am astounded watching this!  Over 25 years have passed and I still feel as strongly about 1) Using "common sense" and "mother's intuition," 2) Doing all I can to save the others, and 3) Pressing on to PREVENT cancer in the first place.

"Good Day" Boston

Huge issues are examined: The right to choose medical treatment, parental rights, and who has the legal right to make that choice.

"The Morning Show" NY

"Life is fragile," Regis says.  My goal— both then and now: "Explore worldwide cancer therapies. Start a computer bank and feed all the information from all cancer therapies into it, then have it analyzed by an objective, non-political panel, to see exactly where we are with cancer therapy today."

Channel 30 News

Our first attempt at "sailing away to Paradise," leaving CancerWorld—all its anguish, pollution, and pain—behind.  There would be a few more years before this dream would be fulfilled but we were one step closer.

Channel 30 News, New Haven

Before Hurricane Gloria hit the East Coast, we battened down the hatches, furled the sails, and tied Sea Wing to a tree on land.  We were afraid that the rising tide plus the storm surge would float the docks over the pilings.  That's exactly what happened.  Our sailboat was the only survivor out of hundreds of boats docked at Milford Marina.

WUSA News Wash, DC

"A story about love and courage," says Andrea Roane.  A news story told 15 years ago and still true today. My heart never forgot why I am here on earth: To tell Amber's story… to spread her message of hope, heaven, and the miracle of life and death.  This video brings Amber's story together, the medical community to the forefront, and tears to my eyes listening to her die.  I know her life has meaning and purpose.  Amber knows that, too.

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