"Be an Angel, Comfort an Angel"

“I have known Patti for years and have her daughter Amber's drawing in our home. The program she has created—“Be an Angel, Comfort and Angel”—has a heart and can touch the bodies and souls of those in need. My wife is in the hospital as I write this and I have her draped with Patti's angels. They bring us love and hope and can do it for all who participate in the program and help Patti to get it out to those in need.”

—Bernie Siegel, MD  

IMG 1187 - Version 2

Patti presenting Bernie with Amber’s original “Spontaneous Drawing” which he uses in his presentations.

Our “Be an Angel, Comfort and Angel” global initiative is our way of giving back..of touching those who long to feel connected…of sharing the Power of Angels! here on earth. For every Embrace the Angel silk scarf, necktie, or pillow cover purchased, Tobias & Co. LLC will donate one to a bereaved mother, father, or critically ill child in need. Working with our divine Angel Partners—hospices, hospitals, churches, and organizations, who mission supports the critically ill and the bereaved—we distribute these silk pieces of wearable, lovable Angel Art with the hope that they will bring a bit of joy, comfort, and a sense of caring to adults and children around the world.

You can also tell us who and where to send the scarf, necktie, or pillow cover. Go to Tobias & Co., LLC, in the Menu under “Silk,” select your item, provide the recipient’s information, and place your order. We will send one to you and one to the person you want to be touched by Angels!

Scarf—11” wide x 60” long, our Embrace the Angel scarf is made of 100% pure silk. There are two background colors available: Black and Cream. Both have hundreds of Angels that Patti has photographed as she’s traveled around the world, in addition to different uplifting Angel quotes on either end. 

Necktie—3.25” wide x 57” long, our Embrace the Angel necktie is made of 100% pure silk satin. As with the scarves, they are covered with images of Angels, but the images are smaller to match the size of the tie. “Special Delivery” via our divine Angel Partners.

Pillow Cover—16” square with a hidden zipper, our Embrace the Angel pillow cover is made of 100% silk satin; its soft and buttery feel is lovely. The cover is removable for easy cleaning. Pillow forms (the inside stuffing) are available in most fabric stores or online: Amazon, Joann Fabrics, Crate & Barrell.

The front is covered with a host of brightly colored, delightful Angels, created by children; the back has the quote that best describes what we, at Tobias & Co., live by: “We are each of us Angels with only one wing and we can only fly by embracing each other.” We need each other to be our best self…to elevate the lives of others…to make this world a better place to live.

There will be several editions of the Embrace the Angel pillow cover, each with different Angel Art created by children for children. We are accepting Angel Art for this project on an ongoing basis—drawings, paintings, etc. We invite ALL child artists to contribute their Angel Art! See the Pillow Project art specs below. Each child who contributes their Angel Art—and it is chosen for the pillow cover—will receive a FREE one as a gift. It’s our way of saying, Thank you!"

Our mission…our reason for being on this earth is to elevate others. One way we do this is through our “Be an Angel, Comfort an Angel” Program. But we can’t do this alone. 

Here’s how you can change a life:

If you or someone you know simply loves Angels like we do, these wearable, lovable Angel Art pieces will bring magic and meaning to life! For times when you need to be close to a loved one, are at a loss for words for the bereaved or those who are suffering, or want to give someone special that unique gift that speaks from the heart, these pieces are a comfort bridge…a hand outstretched...a special way to say “I care.”

Everyone who purchases an Embrace the Angel silk piece becomes an Angel Advocate and is invited to our Facebook Group: Embrace the Angel.  It’s a place to come for inspiration, love, and a connection to our community. 

Visit Tobias & Co. LLC to learn more and to purchase silky Angels for those you love and for those who LOVE Angels!

Calling All Child Artists!!!  

Add your wonderful Angel Art to our Embrace the Angel Pillow Cover and join thousands of children from around the world in bringing joy to other children!  You can print out and distribute or share these Pillow Project instructions:

—Pillow Project—1:2 Sheet—FRONT & BACK (Revised 12-26-17)

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